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Alcoholism Recovery - Personal Transformation - Healthy Sober Living 

How to Set Healthy Personal Boundaries in Recovery from Alcoholism

To Bring Back The Power To Your Life And Reclaim Your Freedom

Increase Your Self-Awareness by Learning How to Identify Your Personal Internal and External Boundaries to Become Your Authentic Self

This workshop includes:

  • 4 Hours of Teaching

  • Small Group of Participants

  • Personal Q+A in the End of the Workshop

  • A live workshop experience

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    Here's What You Will Receive:

    (Total $37)

    You Will Learn:

  • How to Identify the 3 Most Essential Types of Boundaries in Recovery

  • How to Set Your Personal Internal and External Boundaries

  • How to Communicate Your Boundaries Clearly, and Openly While Being Honest With Yourself and Others

  • How to Implement Tools and Techniques to Set Healthy Boundaries

  • How to Maintain Your Personal Boundaries on Your Journey in Recovery

  • Requirements:

  • An Open Mindset

  • A Positive Attitude

  • A Desire to Create a More Balanced Life and Build Healthier Relationships With Yourself and Others.

  • Who This Workshop Is For:

  •  Anyone With a Desire to Lead a Purposeful Life in Addiction Recovery

  • Anyone Who Struggles to Prioritize Their Own Needs

  • Anyone Who Feels That They Are Often Taken Advantage of (But Secretly Suspects It Might Not Always Be True)

  • Anyone Who Tends to Seek Approval and Acceptance From Others

  • Anyone Interested in Strengthening Their Boundaries With Themselves and Others by Setting Healthy Boundaries Without the Fear or Guilt of Saying ”No”

  • Anyone Who Seeks to Live a More Authentic Life

  • Sign up here for the waitlist and you will be notified once the date of the workshop is set. This exclusive live workshop is limited to a total of 5 participants. 

    Geo Slam

    Exponential Spiritual Coach

    Geo Slam Specializes in Exponential Spiritual Life Coaching for Celebrities, Executives and High Achievers. He has been seen and featured on Fortune Magazine, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, FOX, NBC, CBS, USA Today etc. about his accomplishments. Besides Coaching Elite Level Clients Geo Slam is also a Motivational Speaker and highly respected Internationally Multi-Platinum Certified Producer / Songwriter.

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    "I feel incredibly lucky that I connected with Geo Slam! I've recovered from my addiction and have been living sober for 11 years now. I've never met anyone who has such wide experience in spirituality and is as knowledgeable as him. He has a very warm personality, and this makes his coaching enjoyable and constructive. But he is tough on you... Everyone looking to expand themselves from within, give his coaching a try, and you won't be disappointed! Thank you Geo for everything!!"

    Aaron Anderson, GB

    Date of Experience:
    August 11, 2022


    "Geo was excellent at listening to me and provided me with alternative perspectives to look at regarding my life and experiences. I've been in recovery for addiction for many years, and he gave "Emotional Sobriety" a new meaning for me besides teaching me how to give in to myself and surrender to the Universe on a daily basis on a much deeper level than I have ever done before!"


    Emma, GB

    Date of Experience:
    August 14, 2022

    "Geo Slam is a genius! I knew I wanted to learn more about Spirituality as I was recommended to do in step eleven in the twelve-step program. Searching outside the twelve-step movement was a bit scary for me at first, but I got a tip from a friend about Geo Slam, and I took the chance. God knows it was the right decision for me! I got actionable strategies to implement immediately, and I instantly felt I was changing from the inside! If you're stuck in recovery after step eleven, meet with Geo Slam!!"

    William Smith, GB

    Date of Experience:
    August 14, 2022

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